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Soulless, the Series
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The People of Bell's End


Pertreena Jacquem, caught between two worlds


Dooger, runs drugs, but heart of gold; Pertreena's confidant

Katherine "Kat" Jacquem, Pertreena's mother; versed in the occult

Fr. Michael DiSantis, parish priest; has earlier history with Kat


Dr. Robert Radford, world's leading cellular engineer; works for DOD Bio-Weapons division

Charles Dabney, Director of DOD Bio-Weapons

Franklin Dentry, Radford's Lab Tech; MIT grad


Chief of Police, Jackson Redding

Deputy Riley Sutton; loyal to Redding

Federal Agents, Rosie Greenly and Frank DiCapri; run covert ops


Dr. Cassandra Peola, world renown molecular biologist; bright and ambitious

Fr. Cameron Francis, parish priest, trusted friend of Fr. DiSantis

Monsignor Bortelli, oversees parish


Bridget Comer, works with Pertreena's boyfriend; gets what she wants, at any cost

Kelly Trent, Pertreena's childhood best friend


Blake Winton, owns Winton Inn

Gennie Winton, Blake's wife

Taz, local drug lord; owns the Palace strip club


Taz's muscle

Taz's muscle

Rennie, drug runner for Taz


Agent, Taylor "Cracker" Cracknell, works clandestine opps

Government fixer 1

Government fixer 2


Couple walking dog

Bell's End, 1715


Pertreena, age 7

the "Twin"

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